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Pro-Terre Zero waste Grocery-Boutique

Quebecers produce 5.4 million tonnes of WASTE ANNUALLY? 685 kilograms per person»
Recycle QC 2018

It is estimated that almost 10,000 tonnes of plastic end up in the Great Lakes each year.
ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 9, 2018

More than three million tonnes of plastic waste were produced in 2016 in Canada. Packaging accounted for half of this waste.
Deloitte and Cheminfo (February 2019)

“I want to change that…. and YOU?”


What is Pro-Terre Zero Waste Grocery-Boutique?

Hello, I’m Tanya, the person behind Pro-Terre Épicerie-Boutique, and I want to offer you the first business fully dedicated to waste reduction in Terrebonne.

After a year of serving you online and by appointment, Pro-Terre Épicerie-Boutique will soon have it's own place of business.

What will we offer?

We will offer you a friendly unifying place, where the accompaniment towards the reduction of waste on a daily basis will be put forward thanks to varied foods, bulk products and a full range of eco-responsible accessories.

Local suppliers, the heart of our operations.

I am very excited to partner with Quebec’s leading brands of natural, biodegradable and zero waste products!

It is in a space of more than 1000 square feet we will offer a full range of bulk quality foods such as pasta, cereals, rice, flours, nuts, spices, dried fruits and more.

All types of natural household and body products will also be available for all your needs.

Our local artisans will have a prime location to highlight the visibility they deserve.

A place where information sharing will be prioritized with coffee meetings and a corner for your little ones!

This is your chance to contribute positively to the environment.

I can’t wait to welcome you to Pro-Terre Épicerie-Boutique! 

Together... we will go… VERT DEMAIN!

See you soon, Tanya