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Welcome to Pro-Earth's Blog


I am Tanya, and I developed Pro-Earth with the support of my husband, David and my family, for our 'sun' (that's right) Logan. To provide him with positivity and information about our environment, our planet and how to respect it daily with the choices we make.

Pro-Earth is also a platform for us to be able to help, sincerely help, families who are ready to make changes, who feel the urgency to move, but simply do not know how or where to start. Who feel overwhelmed by the idea of Zero-waste, reusing and reducing. Believe me, we were one of theses families not so so long ago. We sometimes still feel the eco-anxiety. (yes, that's right, it's got a name). No, we are not 100% zero waste (yet), no we are not perfect. But you know what? That's the beauty of it. There is always something more to learn, so let's make the journey together, shall we?

No, I won't be posting on a regular basis on this blog page... simply because, I write about what inspires me and that doesn't happen precisely once a week... you know. Let's keep it real and authentic and passionate!

What you should expect from the Pro-Earth blog:

Posts about our new products, I get really excited about those!

Posts about other wonderful inspiring products or organizations (because let's face it, we can't hold them all in stock!)

Posts about ideas and tricks to make easy changes without purchases

Posts about random life experiences, most positive, some... not so much

Posts that inspire change

No two-page posts, keeping it short and to the point


Positivity and achieving

I am a big believer in positivity and what it can achieve
, and hopefully, this will be felt throughout the blog!

So that's it. See you in the next one ; )

Love, Tanya

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