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Greener life starter kit

Nowadays, it is essential to be aware of the impact that our consumption has on the environment. We all have a responsibility and a role to play in ensuring a greener future. Ecological changes start with the smallest daily gestures and obviously with the products we buy. We will all agree that the most harmful and polluting player is plastic. By minimizing your single-use consumption of plastic especially, you will make a huge difference and thus have a positive environmental impact.

You've probably already asked yourself how to change some of your habits to opt for a greener lifestyle? We're here for you! In this article we'll introduce you to what we consider to be our starter kit for adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. It's mostly greener replacements for more traditional products that will suggest you good basics to start your transition to a greener lifestyle!

Simple ideas for an environmentally friendly lifestyle

There are simple and easy changes that can be made to reduce your over-consumption.

Our first tip: Say goodbye to single use and waste!

We use so much stuff that ends up being thrown away without it being really used... Think of your sandwich bags or the plastic wrap that we use to cover our dishes that only lasts for a few days in our refrigerator. We throw them away in the trash after one use without asking what happens to all that plastic afterwards. 

If you tired of waste and you want to be more ecological and conscious, here is our Greener life starter kit!

The first product offered in the starter kit is the beeswax envelope. These eco-friendly films are

ideal to replace traditional plastic like Saran Wrap. Think of how many times you have thrown away a plastic wrap after only a few hours of use? Now think about how many plastic wrap products are thrown away every day all over the world... That's why one of the first ecological changes to consider is to find a solution to single-use wrap. Beeswax packaging is perfect for wrapping your sandwiches, nuts and cheese as well as fruits and vegetables. The most interesting point is that it will not only be so much more ecological, but it is also economical for you, because you can use it up to 100 times! You can even keep your food in the freezer in this beeswax paper for up to 1 month. It is easy to wash with only water. Simple, isn't it? 

Reusable and washable grocery bags

Single-use plastic bags offered at the grocery store were definitely a turning point for us at Pro-

Terre... That's one of the reasons we decided that enough was enough! We were tired of the over-consumption and we decided to launch Pro-Terre to make a difference. Let's illustrate an hypothesis here: if we are conservative, we count that one third of the people in Canada go to the grocery store say once a week and use about 5 single-use plastic bags... We are 37.5 million people, so that would make almost 63 million grocery bags used every week across Canada. That's about 252 million plastic grocery bags consumed and then thrown away every month just in Canada!  I think the statistics speak for themselves... That's why we believe that one of the first steps towards a greener lifestyle is without a doubt to bring your reusable and washable bags with you the next time you visit the grocery store. You will make such a big difference!

Reusable sandwich bags

Ziploc type bags are another very big issue. There are other greener alternatives for these single-

use bags. Here are the reusable sandwich bags! In addition to being ultra practical, washable, reusable and ecological... they are so cute! You and your kids will love them. Get them involved and let them choose their favorite designs. They will understand the importance of being environmentally conscious and they will have fun at the same time. You can, of course, store your sandwiches, but you can also put your snacks, cheeses, nuts, fruits and vegetables in these. Thanks to the zipper and the PUL material, these reusable bags are leak-proof and very easy to wash. Plus, they are made locally in Terrebonne, Quebec. Try them now, you will not regret it!

Bamboo toothbrush

Did you know that a plastic toothbrush can take up to 1000 years to decompose? That's an

enormous amount of time! That's why we thought it was important to include bamboo toothbrushes in our Greener life Starter Kit. These bamboo products are made with a biodegradable handle and they ensure a complete and gentle cleaning. All components of the bamboo toothbrush are biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly! Don't wait any longer, we even have a set of 4 available for your whole family!

Solid Shampoo and hair Conditioner bar

Solid shampoos and conditioners are very popular these days! It’s understandable! Not only do

they look and smell great, they're also environmentally friendly and vegan. They're a good alternative to limit your plastic consumption because they are zero waste. Plus, they are good for you and your hair because our solid shampoos and bar conditioners are made with 100% natural ingredients. They are suitable for all hair types and are certified cruelty free. We swear, trying it is adopting it. You won't be able to use plastic bottle shampoo after and you will have a great impact on our beautiful planet!

Reusable straws

We have all seen the image of the turtle with a straw in its nose... and did you know that

approximately 1 million seabirds die annually because they take plastic straws for food? Switching to metal or silicone straws was an easy habit to change here at Pro-Terre. The first question we must ask ourselves is: do we really need single usage plastic straws? Carrying a reusable straw in your purse, car or backpack has become a habit for us. Plus, they are so easy to clean! Why not make the change now and save many species of animals at the same time?

That's it! That was our Greener life starter kit. You are now ready to start a more sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyle! To get yours it, it's right here.

Environmental events are no longer a secret, plastic and the large amount of waste is now everyone's responsibility. Before you consume a product next time, ask yourself where it is made and what it is made of. That way, you will be more conscious, and you will consume responsibly.

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