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A more eco-responsible lifestyle: 10 steps to get there!

The transition to a more responsible and eco-friendlier lifestyle is becoming easier and easier; thanks to the diversity of eco-friendly products now available on the market. Many companies are now making efforts to reduce their ecological footprint and make a positive difference in the future of our planet.

However, everyone's participation is essential to access to a greener lifestyle. Together, everything is possible!

That's why we've prepared this article with a few tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle on a daily.

What is a more eco-responsible lifestyle?

Being more responsible towards the environment means being aware of the impacts of our daily consumption. The general goal is to contribute to our well-being and the well-being of the environment as well.

For example, limiting energy consumption, respecting our flora and fauna, limiting our consumption of single-use products and leading a healthy lifestyle through the food and products we consume.

We can initiate change towards a more responsible lifestyle by stopping consuming certain products that are too harmful for the environment. The little things we do every day are the ones that make the biggest difference in the end! Would you like to adopt a more eco-responsible lifestyle? Here are 10 steps to get there.

10 steps towards a more eco-responsible lifestyle

The climate change and the protection of our environment are everyone's business.

These tips will help you get a better idea of the changes you can start making to live in a more eco-responsible way.

10 steps towards a more eco-responsible lifestyle

1. Plan your purchases 

Did you know that it is estimated that women spend an average of eight years of their lives shopping? And that each Canadian spends $3,720 annually on unnecessary items they don't need? Every day, we acquire more and more things that we don't necessarily need. Excessive consumption of goods and products is a real scourge for our society. We deplete the planet's resources for items that are not even necessary and that, in most cases, do not even bring us happiness anymore. We are so accustomed to living in this cycle of infinite abundance that we take this process for granted... We get easily bored with this unnecessary stuff and we don’t want them anymore. Where do you think all these items end up?

2. Reduce energy consumption

We are so accustomed to our current and modern lifestyle that we forget how much energy we consume on a daily basis! Do you know how much energy it takes to send an email with an attachment of only 2 MB? It takes as much energy as a 60-watt light bulb turned on for 25 minutes. That's huge! Think of all the emails sent every day all over the world.

Well, now we know that emails will continue to be sent, that's not going to change anytime soon. However, many daily gestures allow you to be conscious and reduce your energy consumption. For example, buy efficient household appliances that will last several years, use energy-saving light bulbs, etc. It is also recommended to unplug an appliance from the power source when we are done using it. Not only this will be good for the environment, it will also be good for your wallet!

3. Use reusable and organic products

Use reusable and organic productsWith the era of modernization and over-consumption, we wanted to make everything faster and more convenient. Our house is filled with disposable products such as plastic bags, single-use straws, aluminum foil and a lot of other stuff that we only use once before throwing them in the garbage! These are harmful to the environment because of the large amount of waste they create.

Many alternatives are available to help you limit your consumption of single-use products and thus have a more responsible and ecological lifestyle.

If you want to make a positive difference and change your habits towards a greener lifestyle, you can read our latest article on Our Greener Life Starter Kit. In this article, you'll learn more about which products to choose to start your green shift. Products such as beeswax packaging, reusable and washable bags, reusable straws and even bamboo toothbrushes are presented.

4. Reduce excessive food consumption

Did you know that more than 41,200 kilos of food are thrown away every second in the world? This represents a food waste of 1.3 billion tons of food per year.

Simple tips to avoid waste are to go to the grocery store more often, avoid accumulating food in the refrigerator by having a better planning of weekly meals, keep leftover meals in the freezer, etc.

By avoiding excessive food consumption, you will limit your food waste.

Opting for bulk or organic foods are also very good habits to adopt to reduce plastic consumption and to encourage industries that are not harmful to the soil and the environment.

Pro-Terre’s physical store will soon be opened, and we are preparing a large selection of bulk food for you. You can follow us on our social networks , so you don't miss the important details!

5. Reduce water consumption

We hear it very often, but water waste is still very present. Water is such a precious resource, and everybody needs it. And unfortunately, it’s not unlimited. Small ecological habits help to preserve this resource that everyone needs. Turn off your faucet when brushing your teeth or washing dishes, turn off the shower water while washing yourself, equip your faucets with a water saver, flush your toilet less often, do a load of laundry only if the washing machine is full, etc. 

6. Composting

There are many good reasons to compost: reducing waste going to landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, revitalizing the soil, reducing the use of harmful pesticides, etc. Organic food should not be thrown in the garbage because not only do we not take full advantage of its properties, but it also creates a ton of CO2 when it goes to the landfill. Why waste this natural fertilizer? It's so simple and you'll have a natural recipe for a healthy garden and plants!

7. Enjoy nature in your free time

What do you do in your spare time? When we have a little time for ourselves, we tend to use our technological devices such as our cellphone, our tablet or our television.

Take advantage of this time to go out to the park or go for a walk. Just go outside and get some fresh air, your body will thank you and so will the planet! These activities are healthy and help you reduce your energy consumption inside the house. In addition, being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery around us helps us remember why we do these things every day.

8. Use your bicycle, practice carpool or use public transportation

Nowadays, a lot of cities are trying to offer more possibilities to use the bicycle as a primary method of transportation. When our situation allows it, it's a great alternative to reduce our ecological footprint and promote our health at the same time!

Carpooling or public transportation are become very popular! And with good reason... Not only do they reduce air pollution, but they also reduce traffic.

Did you know that in average, a Quebecer that has the required age for driving, owns 1.06 cars? That's more than one car per person! Imagine how harmful this is for the environment and how it makes road circulation more difficult in big cities!

Use public transportation when possible, ask your big sister to drive you if it's on her way, take your bicycle if your destination is close by... All these gestures will make a huge difference.

9. Recycle and reduce your paper consumption

On average, each person consumes 57 kilograms of paper and cardboard annually. Yes, paper is recyclable, but to produce paper you must destroy the forests. Deforestation is a major issue and we need our forests to have a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

Don't print for nothing, recycle your paper, use both sides when you write on a piece of paper, write your notes on your phone or computer, etc. These are all actions that help to counter excessive deforestation.

10. Clean your home in an eco-friendlier way

Cleaning products on the market contain chemical and harmful ingredients such as chlorine, butane, ethanol, acetone, formaldehyde, benzene and more.  Not only are these products harmful to the environment and your health, but they also contaminate our waters.

Therefore, it is essential to use ecological and biodegradable products that have the same cleaning properties as those that are harmful to you and the planet. Plus, they smell so good! You won't be able to live without them after trying them.

At Pro-Terre, you will find a variety of ecological cleaning products such as organic laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and scouring cream from local brands.

Click below to discover our large selection of eco-responsible cleaning products!

eco-responsible cleaning products


The decision to adopt a more eco-responsible lifestyle is yours, however, it is by working together that we will make a greater difference! The actions we take now will reflect the planet of tomorrow.

If you have any questions or need advice, we are always available via our social networks Facebook or Instagram.

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