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Positivity and the climate strike

We are Sunday morning and while I got up quite early (too early some would say) I am hit with the beautiful sun coming up after a drab rainy Saturday... it feels good...really good to see you again Mr. Sun.. (or Mrs. Sun, who knows?). 

And as I look outside and breath in the positivity that seeing and feeling the sun has always provided me, I reflect on the last couple of days.

The global climate strike, but mostly the Canadian climate strike. 500 thousand people showed up! That is HALF a MILLION people! Wow. If that's not a message to the leaders and the politicians, I don't know what is... Old, young, CHILDREN, parents who thought that it is important enough to pull their kids out of school for this. To provide the opportunity to teach them about the crisis. About our planet that is screaming for help. Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful. 

The positivity, just like my sun this morning, was breathtaking. People walking, marching, with smiles on their faces. These are not a bunch of angry protesters theses are people who believe that there is still time to change our ways, positive people, happy people. I love it, just absolutely love it!

Because of our Pro-Earth cause, my social media is normally flooded with negative images and posts about how plastic waste affects the lives of our animals and the ocean, posts about angry people trying to make a difference and being ignored, not listened to or even mocked for voicing their concerns. But not these past few days.. Theses past few days, I am flooded by pictures and stories of communities around the WORLD stepping up and making sure we are being heard in a positive way. Posts about how people met other great people while on strike. Positive actions being promoted by schools and school boards. Positive actions and positive words and positive pictures. And I am frankly heart warmed. 

I am rejuvenated by theses past days. Like the sun, I am a believer that positivity CAN and WILL change the WORLD.

So, what's the next step? : )

Love, Tanya 

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