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New year, big news at Pro-Terre Zero-Waste store & grocery

Pro-Terre  Zero-Waste store & grocery

Discover our new projects for 2021

New year means new projects and new resolutions... Well, on our side, our resolution has remained the same: to accompany people towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle while adopting zero-waste habits. That being said, our mission may have remained the same, but we have prepared several new projects that we were very eager to tell you about! It's been almost 3 months since the Pro-Terre Zero Waste Grocery Boutique opened and we are very proud of your enthusiasm and curiosity to learn more about how we can, all together, make a difference for our beautiful planet. It's a little thanks to this curiosity and desire to exchange on the subject that we were inspired to offer you a space that brings people together. So, curious to learn more about what's new at Pro-Terre? Read on to find out more!


Bring your own reusable mug and come discover our new coffee counter!

 Bring your own reusable mug

Starting this spring, come and pick up a good Montreal Barista Coffee at our eco-responsible boutique located in Terrebonne! We offer three varieties to satisfy all coffee lovers, including decaffeinated Espresso, Cremona Espresso or Bio1. Café Barista is a Quebec micro roaster specializing in Italian espresso. It is our pleasure to offer you the delicious coffee from this local company to give you a little pick-me-up throughout the day! You can also purchase their coffee in bulk to enjoy at home. The coffee counter is currently working on a "bring your own" formula, so we invite you to bring your reusable cup to come and get a good American coffee, a latte or a cappuccino... the choice is yours! If you are not a coffee lover, we also offer tea, herbal teas, and hot chocolate. There will also be several pastries to accompany your beverage such as croissants and chocolates. Whenever possible, we will be able to welcome you on site to share a good coffee with you! The idea behind the new coffee counter is to create a safe space for sharing information and exchanging experiences between all of us. It's a place to discuss tips and tricks to facilitate the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, you will also be able to exchange on your favorite ecological products! Moreover, when the situation allows it, we will invite you to coffee meetings in the form of guided discussions and during which we will sometimes even invite guests who will come to give mini conferences. We felt it was important to create a space where you could exchange ideas and accompany you in your desire to live a more eco-responsible life daily. Also, we would very much like to put at your disposal a small terrace with a few bistro tables for the summer of 2021. Stay tuned!

Several new products available in store and drop-off point for Lufa Farm and Second Life

Several new products available in store

We listened to you; we have added several products that are available now at Pro-Terre Épicerie-Boutique Zero Waste. Here are a few of the new products you can find in store:


- Liquid Castile Soap (in bulk)

- Citric acid

- Soda ash (soda crystals)

- Odourless laundry detergent

- Drying balls

- Moisturizing Body Lotion Bar

- Facial Scrub

- Several new spices

- Dried Tomatoes

- Pink Himalayan Salt

- Coconut oil

- Vegan beef broth

- Creamy peanut butter


Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions if there are bulk products you would like to find in the boutique! We are always open to offer you as many options as possible to make your bulk purchases easier!

In fact, since the beginning of January, we have been a drop-off point for the Lufa Farms baskets and the Second Life Market. Lufa Farms offers organic fruits and vegetables that are produced in their rooftop greenhouse located in Montreal. In addition, they offer local products available on their website. This is a great initiative to support our local businesses and local production. Seconde vie, for their part, have a service set up to give a second life to surplus inventory and ugly, organic, and regular fruits/vegetables. An excellent idea to reduce food waste!

Another change at Pro-Terre... A new transactional website!

The official date has not yet been set yet, but during the first few months of 2021, for those who don't have the chance to visit us at the physical store or for online shoppers, we will be launching a brand new website! The reason is simple: to offer you an even greater selection of eco-friendly products! The new website will include our complete inventory of food, body products, eco-friendly cleaning products as well as many creations from our local artisans. You will be able to stock up on your favorite eco-friendly products from our selection of over 600 products that will be available online. We will also set up a local delivery system. You will soon discover a selection of quality products and foods that are constantly growing according to your needs and requests! We look forward to welcoming you virtually on our new website!

This concludes our article on the new things coming in 2021 for Pro-Terre. Come say hello and grab yourself a good Barista Coffee to go! Many new products are coming for 2021, we are very happy to welcome you at the boutique to offer you the best eco-responsible products that are produced locally.