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VRAC Dry Natural ingredients Shampoo

VRAC Dry Natural ingredients Shampoo

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DRY SHAMPOO by Boho Éco-Cosmétiques
For all types of hair
BULK 0.08$ a gram

Here is a dry shampoo that is suitable for that dark pale hair! It will volumise your hair while reducing the appearance of sebum with cornstarch, arrowroot and ghassoul clay mixture and green. So you can skip a wash in the mornings!

Instructions for use: Sprinkle dry shampoo in hands and apply it on the hairline. Rub on the scalp until product blends with the color of your hair.

Ingredients: Arrowroot starch (arrowroot), baking soda, clay, ghassoul clay, peppermint EO.

Please note: In case of irritation, discontinue use.